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Code of Conduct

Behavioral expectations at VMI are an integral part of our collective success. As members of the VMI team, each member is responsible and accountable for behavior consistent with our values as detailed below:

Personal Integrity and Respect for Co-workers, Customers and Suppliers is Demonstrated through…

  • Open, honest, time-sensitive, clear and concise communication necessary for day-to-day interactions, proactively solving problems and giving our attention to the issues of the day. Using good listening skills is critical
  • By our actions and through our words, showing appreciation for the relationship
  • Being consistently courteous, professional and friendly
  • Keeping confidential information confidential. And, being a positive influence to those with whom we have contact


We Recognize the Importance of Our Good Relationships with Customers Demonstrated through…

  • Being an industry leader through exceeding customer quality expectations, on-time delivery and outstanding employee performance
  • Communicating interest in the customer through our energy, enthusiasm, flexibility and responsiveness
  • Using equipment and resources of the company to full potential. Operating safely, keeping equipment and facilities maintained at the highest possible level
  • Keeping up-to-date on all aspects of assigned work through training, coaching and a continuous desire for self-improvement

Teamwork at VMI is Characterized through…

  • A culture that embraces change regardless of initial success
  • Demonstrating a personal commitment to doing good work consistently putting out best effort performance
  • Taking pride in the work we do, the facility we work in and the relationships we have
  • Trying new ideas in an environment that recognizes failing is part of learning
  • Willingly sharing ideas, opinions and problem-solving input and attacking issues not team members. Giving the ideas of others fair consideration. Supporting decisions made as a result of the collective ideas of the team
  • Being a positive influence on the work environment where team members can flourish and grow
  • Demonstrating willingness and enjoyment in seeing the lighter side of life through appreciating humor and fun in the workplace
  • Taking a leadership role in helping others who need support in their work assignments
  • Ensuring that the work we pass on to others is of the high quality we would expect to get. Being accountable for excellence in the work product
  • Being vocal when the good work of others needs recognition


Our Commitment from Management/Ownership is Demonstrated through…

  • Maintaining a modern facility as financial resources permit
  • Maintaining stellar relationships with customers and vendors
  • Managing financial resources responsibly
  • Showing community support and encouraging employees to do the same
  • Managing the workforce respecting legalities and using effective and fair management practices
  • Maintaining the appropriate balance between work and family
  • Respecting the need for employees to be informed of expectations to be met, workforce changes and financial matters that affect them
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